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Managing & Safeguarding Your Account

The ethos of Limerick & District Credit Union prioritises the economic and social well-being of all members through our vision of social justice, and wider benefit of this to the local community.

Regardless of the amount in your savings, all members should be aware of the methods of how to best manage their money, as well as how to protect and safeguard their money from financial abuse and fraud.

Download the guide to Managing & Safeguarding your Account by clicking here: Download Managing & Safeguarding your Credit Union Account

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with insight into how best to safeguard the funds in your credit union account. All persons are potentially vulnerable to financial abuse, but this is particularly the case where you are dependent on another person to do your day-to-day transactions, owing to a physical or mental incapacity as a result of an illness, a learning disability, a bereavement, or other circumstances where you need the help of another to take care of your money.

In particular, during the Covid-19 restrictions, members may be cocooning and so are not in a position to leave their home to visit the credit union. Such members may find themselves relying on another person to assist them in managing their money at this time. It may be a temporary reliance, but nonetheless, members must feel in control of their own money at all times.

If you need more time when transacting, or if you wish to discuss a matter in confidence, the staff will be happy to engage with you on the best solutions to managing your account and circumventing any challenges that may arise.

If you need help on any matter, the credit union staff will be happy to assist you. Here to help!

Limerick & District Credit Union