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Partnering With Businesses In Our Community

Member Owned

The fact that credit unions are member-owned means serving the member comes first. This creates a very relationship-oriented environment, so you can trust that your employees will be well taken care of.

Family Members

Employees’ families can also become members of Limerick & District Credit Union.

Low Loan Rates

Low rate loans including education loans available for further education, re-training and career development.

On-site Assistance

On-site account opening and Free on-site financial and informational seminars.

Charitable Activities

Supporting employee and charitable activities.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials provided at no cost to the employer.

Your company and your employees benefit with Limerick & District Credit Union.

Employers, as a Limerick & District Credit Union Employee Partner, can offer their staff the benefit of credit union membership. In addition to competitive pay and a positive work environment, offering useful benefits and services to employees enhances an employer’s benefit package, and helps to retain talent and keep morale high in the workplace.

Statistics have shown that productivity in the workplace is disrupted when employees are distressed and struggling to manage money-related issues.

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