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Member Notice

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As it is a European Bank Holiday on Wednesday May 1st, any online transactions completed after 4.30pm on Tuesday April 30th won’t be processed until Thursday May 2nd so it may not reach the intended account until Friday May 3rd.

SEPA Payments

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This weekend, 15th to 17th March 2024, the European SEPA Payment Schemes will undergo a planned maintenance which may cause delays in processing payments.

This means that any payments made Friday 15th March may not reach the intended beneficiary until Monday 18th March.

As a result, if you want funds to reach an account by Friday, we advise you to make a payment by Thursday 14th March to ensure that the beneficiary account is credited on Friday.

Please note, you will have full online access as usual during this period. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Credit Union Quarterly results show exceptionally strong lending performance

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The Irish League of Credit Unions, on behalf of its affiliated credit unions, has released Q1 2023/24 quarterly performance results on behalf of its affiliated credit unions in ROI.
The results for the quarter (October to December 2023) highlight a continued upward growth trajectory in loans, with a significant increase in mortgages and business loans. Arrears remain close to all-time lows.
Commenting on the report, ILCU CEO David Malone said
“Credit unions delivered over 110,000 loans in the quarter which is over 8,000 loans per week. To put that into context that’s €631 million per quarter of lending to people or over €48 million per week. What these latest quarterly results show is that not only are people availing of credit union services but that there is a growing pipeline of demand for loans which our members are ready to facilitate.
He continued, “Looking to the future and building on this continued growth, the Central Bank’s review of the lending framework is crucial. This is in the context of the dramatic increase in mortgage lending as changes are needed to meet customer demand, increase flexibility, allow credit unions compete on a level playing field and provide real competition in mortgages and business lending. We have engaged with the Central Bank on its lending review but are now looking for targeted changes to allow more choice for consumers and to reduce the dominance of the retail banks. The changes we are looking for will allow more mortgages, remove crisis era restrictions and allow more business loans thereby enhancing competition in a safe and prudent manner”.

ALERT! Fighting Festive Fraud on Black Friday

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12 tips for Fighting Fraud this Festive Season: Be Informed, Be Alert, Be Secure – Be FraudSMART

As we approach the festive season, FraudSMART is here to ensure your safety. Both consumers and businesses need to be vigilant against frauds and scams during this busy time.

Everyone is a target especially with the increasing complexity of frauds and scams and during the festive season when we’re all busy enjoying this time of year. Fraudsters target us through various channels, including emails, social media, and phone calls.

Here are 12 essential tips to help you stay safe: 

  1. Never click on unsolicited links in texts or emails.
  2. Avoid public Wi-Fi for online purchases; use a secure connection.
  3. Keep your computer’s security up to date with reliable antivirus and browser software.
  4. Shop directly from trusted retailers’ websites. 
  5. Be cautious of unbelievable deals or miracle products.
  6. Use reputable payment suppliers or Verified by VISA/Mastercard Secure Code.
  7. Watch out for fake calls from your bank or utility companies.
  8. Purchase tickets from secure and reputable websites.
  9. Limit personal information sharing on social media. 
  10. Avoid saving passwords on your mobile device unless necessary, and protect your phone with a passcode.
  11. Your bank will never ask for your full PIN or online banking passwords. If in doubt, call your bank using the number on your card.
  12. Report any suspected fraud to your bank immediately.

Stay safe and enjoy the festive season without falling victim to scams. Be vigilant and share these tips with your loved ones to help protect them as well.

Wishing you a secure and joyful holiday season.

Become a Volunteer

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Here at Limerick & District Credit Union, we pride ourselves on providing a first-class financial service to all our members throughout the community.

Like all credit unions, we rely on the enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers, without whom we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals.

Our Nomination Committee are currently seeking expressions of interest from members interested in becoming a volunteer on the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have skills you feel can benefit the credit union, especially IT and Legal skills, please contact us on 061-455831 or email before Friday 24th November 2023 @ 5pm. Please include your contact details.

Credit Unions named champions for Customer Experience for unprecedented 9th consecutive year

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For an unprecedented ninth year running, credit unions have once again topped the league table for the best customer experience in Ireland according to the Customer Experience Insight (CXi) Report for 2023. Not only did credit unions beat 149 other organisations to retain this top position, they also further improved their already winning CX score, widening the customer experience gap between them and their rivals to achieve the highest score ever seen in the CXi Ireland survey.

Report author and CEO of The CX Company Cathy Summers said the main reason credit unions are so successful at delivering customer experience excellence on a consistent basis is because they are embedded in the community and focused on driving change to meet their customers’ needs rather than just driving change to make their organisation more efficient.

Summers said their CX record means credit unions are well placed to further compete with the banks for more complex products as well as the more
traditional financial offering.  Commenting on the announcement, David Malone, CEO of the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) said that the ILCU was delighted to see the customer experience from credit unions topping the standard for companies in Ireland.

“This unprecedented ninth win is recognition of the dedication and hard work of credit union staff and volunteer directors across Ireland. Their relentless focus is always on being there for our members, for communities and uniquely when compared with our competitors, on being not-for-profit.

The credit union social ethos allows us to focus solely on how to best deliver for our existing and potential new members. This means we continue to offer a face-to-face customer experience in over 400 community locations where our 3,000 expert staff and 3,000 directors provide a professional service and essential financial supports to their members. On top of that our customers who wish to engage with us through the ever-growing credit union digital offering can choose to do so at their convenience.”

The Customer Experience Insight (CXi) Report is published annually by the CX Company based on a survey carried out on their behalf by Amárach Research. Over 29,640 experiences were evaluated using The CX Framework and performance under six key Emotional Drivers. In addition, companies were evaluated on the basis of value, affordability, willingness to pay more for a better experience, preferred channels of interaction, loyalty, whether the experience has improved and how important employees are to the customer experience.

Be Fraud Aware, Protect Your Account

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We encourage all members to be aware of the following tips and always remember Limerick & District Credit Union will NEVER send you messages requesting you to click a link to review or block a fraudulent transaction on your account or advise that you are locked out of your account. If in doubt, ring the Credit Union directly on 061 455831 or email

Please read about the types of links that Limerick & District Credit Union will send you in emails and text messages and the types of links we use in social media below. Never click on a link in a communication unless you are sure that it is genuine.

Top Tips to be fraud aware:

  1. Limerick & District Credit Union will NEVER call, email or text you asking you to provide your one time passcode or debit card information in order to confirm a recent transaction.
  2. Limerick & District Credit Union will NEVER send you messages requesting you to click a link to review or block a fraudulent transaction on your account or advise that you are locked out of your account.
  3. Limerick & District Credit Union will NEVER ask you for the full 16 digits of your debit card number over the phone.
  4. NEVER divulge your One Time Passcode (OTP) for card transactions or when you are setting up Apple or Google Pay onto a smart phone.
  5. If you have doubts about the validity of the caller, simply hang up and source the phone number for that company to make contact.
  6. Limerick & District Credit Union will never email and ask you to enter your debit card number, login details or any personal information anywhere. If you are in doubt, always delete emails of this nature.

Don’t forget if in doubt, hang up and call us on 061 455831. 

The type of communications that Limerick & District Credit Union issues to its members.

Limerick & District Credit Union regularly sends communications to its members by text or email.

We send two types of communications: Marketing messages and Service messages.

Marketing messages are sent from time to time regarding new services and products. These communications may be sent by text or by email.

These communications are sent to all members that have an email address or mobile number attached to their account. NEVER click on a link unless you are 100% sure it is genuine – we recommend searching for the website through search engines.

Service messages are sent to inform members of an unexpected issue arising, which may cause a disruption to normal service. These communications are sent to all members that have an email address or mobile number attached to their account.

We will never send a link in these communications to direct a member to Limerick & District Credit Union’s  Online Banking Portal.

Financial fraudsters use phone, texts and emails to commit financial crime, these frauds are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Your best defence is to stay informed, alert and secure. Never click on a link in a communication unless you are sure that it is genuine.

This is how Limerick & District Credit Union sends links to its membership.

Text Messages:  We will never send you a link in a text message. Links in text messages cannot be checked to see if they are genuine. There will always be an opt out number to text in a marketing message.

Please see advice on text and phone fraud here, please read carefully:

Email Messages:  When we include links in email messages, they will always be in the long form. If we use a button such as click here to apply, it will have the long form of the link seen if the person reading hovers over the button.

Please see advice on email fraud here, please read carefully:


Social Media Links:  We include links in our social media advertising and posts. These links will always be in long form and can be identified as leading to Limerick & District Credit Union’s website. These will not be in a short form where you cannot identify that it is leading to Limerick & District Credit Unions website.

Please see advice here on advertising scams and online fraud: Please read carefully.

  1. Advertising Scams:
  2. Online Fraud:


The Central Bank of Ireland has some great information on their website about how to protect yourself against financial Fraud.

Who to contact if you suspect that you have received a fraudulent or suspicious message from Limerick & District Credit Union.

  1. Contact Limerick & District Credit Union: 061 455831 or email
  2. If you suspect fraud on your Current Account, contact card services 24/7 on 01 693 3333.
  3. Contact your bank immediately if you think you have given your bank account details mistakenly.
  4. Contact your local Garda Station: You will find your nearest one here
  5. Contact the National Cyber Security Centre here:

Online Maintenance – May 27th

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Due to essential online maintenance some of our Online Services including cuOnline+ and cuMobile will be unavailable from 10pm on Saturday May 27th for approximately 8 hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

#LKCU #Online #Maintenance #MemberNotice

Credit Unions ranked as Number One in 2023 RepTrak® study

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Credit unions have been ranked as number one among the top one hundred most highly regarded organisations in Ireland, in the Ireland RepTrak® 2023 annual study. Credit Unions have consistently featured in the top two of the annual study for the past five years.

The Ireland RepTrak® 2023 annual study is based on a survey of more than 5,500 members of the public which gathered data on the levels of trust, respect, admiration and esteem they have for organisations in Ireland.

In achieving the top spot in the 2023 study, credit unions took the top spot overall as the most reputable organisation in Ireland with an excellent Reputation Pulse score of 82.8. credited with being a cornerstone of local communities with over 3.6 million members. The public acknowledged the trust that members place in their local credit union and their friendly people focused approach.

Commenting on the study, David Malone, CEO of the Irish League of Credit Unions said, “The results of the 2023 RepTrak study are a significant achievement for the credit union sector, and once again a recognition of the role that we play in communities across Ireland. We are delighted with the results, which positions us as a leader among some of the most prominent organisations and household names in Ireland.

“The RepTrak survey emphasises attributes such as trust and respect, which are core to the ethos of credit unions which are locally owned, and, or managed. With over 3,000 Credit Union employees and 2,300 volunteers, we are proud to be at the heart of communities nationwide working towards a more inclusive society, where no one is left behind.

“As we look to the future and the development of our offering to communities, this achievement is an important barometer of the sectors success to date and future opportunity for credit unions and those that we serve across Ireland”

Limerick & District Credit Union