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There seems to be a lot of myths out there about Credit Union.

So we’ve decided to do some myth busting!

Easy Loan Process

It is so easy to apply for a loan with us. For most loans the only documentation required are bank statements and payslips, which can be emailed to us. We approve 98% of loan applications.

Quick Approval

We process all loan applications within 48 hours with all necessary documentation.

No Savings Needed

Our loan decisions are based on your ability to repay, not on how much you have saved with us.

Large Loans

We offer loans up to €50,000 unsecured, up to €250,000 including mortgages and business lending up to €500,000.

Join & Apply Same Day

You can join us and apply for your loan same day.

Tech Savvy

CU Online Banking & Mobile App available.

No Fees

We don't charge administration or transaction fees.

Same Day Loans

Loans up to €10,000 available same day.

I am already a member of another credit union, can I join Limerick & District Credit Union?

Yes, you can be a member of more than 1 credit union.

Are you eligible to join Limerick & District Credit Union?

If you work, live or are in education in our common bond you and your family can join our credit union.

Limerick & District Credit Union